As a food processor, we consume energy and water. As a producer of consumer-packaged goods, we put packaging material into circulation in our communities. As a produce company we generate food waste. So, sustainability is something on our minds.

We try whenever possible to incorporate sustainability into design. We work with efficiency consultants to look at different aspects of our operation from refrigeration to the way we power our material handling equipment to lighting. A recent example of a sustainability win is a filtration system on our processing line that reduced our water consumption by approximately 40 percent.

We are committed to offering customers sustainable packaging solutions by 2025.

As a company that handles and processes fresh perishable vegetables, we recognize the magnitude of the food waste problem. We work with many community partners to divert good food otherwise destined to landfill to help people in need in our communities. We donate approximately 3000 cases of food annually to our community partners. Any organic waste we create is diverted to animal feed operations. Our solid waste is diverted from landfill to a facility that recovers thermal energy from solid non-hazardous waste – as such we are proud that our facilities are certified Zero-Waste. In many ways we are just at the start of our sustainability path – but we recognize we have a responsibility, and we are committed to doing our part.

Zero Waste

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